Kawran Bazar


In the heart of Dhaka is the Kawran Bazar, which was founded by Marwari dealers in the late 18th century and is still considered one of the most important places in Dhaka and one of the largest markets in South East Asia. Here the day and the night mingle.

Twenty-four hours people carry, act, play and sleep. The working day starts at 22.00 clock an untypical time for Europe, but a logical beginning for an over-exploited megacity as Dhaka. Due to the large traffic trucks are allowed only after 10 o'clock in the evening in the city. Like in a dream, you can quickly lose yourself in the crowd and you should always stay in motion, because there is simply no space.

The marketplace gives work to 20,000 people, has a profit of 450,000 euros daily and supplies about 30% of all the vegetables, fruits and fish the city needs.